Mexican Insurance is required anything being towed.

1. Load Balancing

To much weight on the tongue creates a dangerous driving condition; effecting steerability and braking. When brakes are applied more weight is applied to the tongue reducing traction of the pulling vehicles front end. To little weight or negative weight is also not safe effecting steerability and braking; by lifting the back of the toeing vehicle. When the vehicle accelerates or goes up hill the weight on the tongue goes down.

The typical recommendations for tongue weight is 10 to 15 percent of gross trailer weight ( Follow the recommendations from the manufacturer for the equipment you have. Tandem axle trailers, for example, are normally less prone to sway. Trailer accessories, (Load balancers, Braking systems, Anti-sway bars), all can help to improve the safety and ease of pulling a trailer.

2. Look ahead for upcoming conditions

Look ahead for changes in road conditions which may effect pulling a trailer. Give yourself more space behind cars. Give yourself more time to stop and change lanes.

3. Roads

Use toll roads whenever possible. The roads have improved throughout Mexico and in tourist areas are fairly good, but toll roads are still safer and designed with better grads and better shoulders that make pulling a trailer easier.

4. Check equipement

If a trailer has not been used it has been subject to weather; Check trailer lights, tires, and bearings before use.

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