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2018 events in Baja


Live this summer party, in a totally familiar, fun and safe environment. Rosarito is ready to receive millions of smiles in the sand and sea. You will enjoy more than 30 games, playgrounds with free playgrounds, farm, swings, slides, and games. A fair overlooking the sea, where our Reggae festival adorns the perfect sunset.

5 Jul thursday – 29 Jul Sunday



Attend this international cyclist event that runs 68 km through the most important winemaking area of our country: the Guadalupe Valley. Upon reaching the goal, participants and guests are invited to a Baja Californian Wine and Cooking Festival with the participation of chefs and regional wine houses.

21 jul Saturday


For 27 years, Ensenada has paid homage to the grape harvest season in the valleys of Baja California. The most important wineries of the region, international chefs and the most prestigious restaurants in Mexico will meet. During the celebration there will be tastings, tastings, wine appreciation workshops, concerts with international artists, family festivals, wine tours and dinner pairing with renowned guest chefs.

26 Jul Thursday – 19 Aug Sunday


It is a musical artistic event of 3 days, in the Beaches of Rosarito Baja California, where international blues bands from both countries participate, an event that takes place in the gardens of the Hotel Rosarito Beach on one side of the beach, taking as a frame the Pacific Ocean.

17 aug Friday – 19 aug Sunday



The largest exhibition of Baja California, with artists from Mexico and Latin America.

26 sep Wednesday – 14 Oct Sunday



It is an artistic and cultural platform that aims to encourage the exhibition, promotion and sale of contemporary art.

5 oct Friday – 7 Oct Sunday



Listed as one of the top events in the country gastroturísticos, counted with the participation of the best chefs in the world to Mexico and Baja California.

18 Oct Thursday – 20 Oct Saturday



Feast of flavor, with culinary samples, renowned chefs, music and the best atmosphere



The dunes of Cuervitos – in Los Algodones – only forty minutes from Mexicali, has the best scenario for the practice of Sandboarding, an annual event that has gained international importance. This year will be attended by competitors from different parts of the world. In each pirouette (and at full speed), they will fight to obtain the maximum score that accredits them as champions. Do not miss this original show !.

3 Nov Saturday – 4 Nov sunday



The Baja 1000 is a road rally race that takes place in the desert of Baja California, Mexico. Traditionally starts in Ensenada and ends in the city of La Paz, with a distance of just over 1,000 miles (1,600 km). Participate in the test cars (including Trophy Trucks and Baja Bugs and other SUVs and trucks), motorcycles and ATVs.

14 Nov Wednesday – 18 Nov Sunday


2021 Races

These are tentative dates

  • March 13-14 | CODE | M R GRand Prix | Mexicali
  • March 26-27 | RECORD | Rancho La Vuelta 200
  • April 14-18 | SCORE | San Felipe 250 | san Felipe
  • April 23-30 | NORRA | Mexican 1000 | Ensenada – Cabo
  • May 9-14 | Darren | Sonora Rally | Sonora 
  • May 21-22 | CODE | VW Autoparts Night Race | Mexicali
  • June 9-13 | SCORE | Baja 500 | Ensenada 
  • June 25-26|RECORD|Ensenada – San Felipe 250 | Ensenada-San Felipe
  • July 23-25| CODE | Grand Prix | Hechi
  • August 13-14 | RECORD | Ensenada – San Quintin 300 | Ensenada-San Quintin
  • September 14-19 | SCORE | Baja 400 | Ensenada
  • October 1-3 | RECORD | San Vicente | San Vicente
  • October 7-10 | NORRA | NORRA 500 | Ensenada
  • October 15-16 CODE | Mexicana Logistics 500 | MXL – SF – MXL
  • November 15-20 | SCORE | Baja 1000 |Ensenada
  • December 10-12 | RECORD | Race Ready Coast to Coast | Ensenada – San Felipe
  • December 17-18 | CODE | Polaris Baja 275 | Mexicali – San Felipe
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