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Tips for a safe trip while driving in Mexico

Be sure to have your passport, and verify it is current.

Whenever available, drive on Toll Roads, most accept U.S. currency.

When you enter a small town slow down and be watchful for pedestrians.

Try to avoid driving at night; most serious accidents occur at night.

Learn the local driving signals and learn how to interpret the local street signs.

If your vehicle has an anti-theft device, be sure to activate it all the time.

Always park in an area that is clearly visible to you and contains other vehicles.

Never leave your vehicle parked on the side of a street, road or highway.

For overnight parking, try to park in an area that is gated or employs a guard.

We suggest you keep your policy with you when you leave your vehicle.

DO NOT leave unattended luggage in public areas.

DO NOT leave valuables inside of your car and in plain sight for anyone to see.

Leave pets at home, it’s easier.

If you insist on bringing your dog, you must have a certificate of good health and proof of rabies inoculation dated within the past six months

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